With our exceptional 360 degree view about the sectors we operate in, our integrated planning model and experience in over 300 transactions/mandates, we can expertly support our clients in the most complex and challenging projects.

Our one stop shop approach brings huge advantage to our clients; no other single adviser, technical planner or financial modeller is needed we provide everything. This saves a lot of time and costs, facilitates the entire process and minimizes the risk of errors occurring.

Our due diligence approach is highly flexible and can be fine-tuned with the client depending on the project demands. While even parts of our services are helpful, only extensive mandate will add most value to a project.

We use global news sources, sanction lists, company information, legal history and public domain records to complete an exhaustive due diligence. Typically our clients require the following:
  • Second opinions
  • Reviews
  • Development concepts
  • Comprehensive planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market research - quantitative and qualitative
  • Red flag reports
  • Benchmarking and recommendations