Mindflow Partners specializes in advising airport operators, concessionaires and retailers on how to maximize the retail potential of passenger terminals.

Non aeronautical revenues have become increasingly important for the profitability of an airport, particularly those derived from the retail business. Often, a pax survey provides the required understanding of the pax profile, spend patterns, product and service requirements and behaviour. This becomes the base for a terminal retail concept as well as for the airport retailing (including landside area).

The integration of F&B and airport services is done in accordance with the terminal layout, pax movement and operation principles. Based on insights from the pax survey, we bring innovation and creativity to enhance revenue and help your business grow exponentially.

Mindflow combines its international knowledge base and experience of airport commercial operations with pax segmentation and destination analysis, terminal utilization and development, category merchandizing, concession planning and retail design, customer spend, retail turnover and income modelling. We deliver commercial solutions that generate optimum financial contribution and high passenger satisfaction.


Our services in this segment include but not limited to:

  • Analysis of the existing product and outlet mix
  • Identification of pax needs
  • Preparation of a compelling terminal retail, F&B, and services layout with a unique mix of local speciality concepts and high class brands and more
  • Preparation of the commercial business framework, international benchmarking and the best practices
  • Creation and execution of concession structures, joint ventures and concession management
  • Integration of the "wheel of innovation" within the organization
  • Client support in negotiation with core tenants

We evaluate and enhance the existing retail areas, in line with regulations. In doing so we take a close look at pax flows and define those clusters, anchors and magnets that will create a unique airport shopping experience.

Case Studies