Our integrated efforts with management teams are aimed at designing and delivering practical operational execution plans for each task in the business to attain the business strategy in a given time period. This is mostly done when a business is in its transitional phase. Our veteran team of consultants will work with management to:

  • Develop a strategic framework to be adopted by all stakeholders
  • Facilitate workshops with management teams to ensure buy-in to the process
  • Capture and estimate quick wins and improvement ideas into detailed action plans
  • Identify responsibilities and accountabilities in the process
  • Set timelines, and internal service level agreements to make certain progress towards the plan objectives
  • Determine KPIs, objectives and governance for ongoing reporting of progress to management and Board level executives

  • We are adept at enhancing retailers operational performance. We understand that even a small boost in transaction value or margins can lead to a big impact on a retailer's bottom-line. Our expertise includes-
Store Operations & Effectiveness
Range Planning & Reviews
Stock & Merchandising Planning
Product Mix / Strategy
Store Staffing Model
Strategic & Operational Planning